Dyno Tuning

An advanced dynamometer is an essential diagnostic tool required by anyone who’s serious about power & performance.  At Manhattan Motorsports, we use top-of-the-line dynos equipped for both 4-wheel-drive vehicles & motorcycles.  Manhattan Motorsports is proud to make available to our clients the most advanced chassis dynamometer in the world – the Dyno Dynamics 450DS AWD Quad Retarder. This advanced dyno is capable of diagnosing a wide array of transmission types, including: rear-wheel-drive, front-wheel-drive & AWD vehicles; as well as motorcycles.

With this advanced tool, our certified technicians can maximize your vehicle’s performance potential as well as provide you with precise data about your vehicle’s current power output. With advanced dynos, our technicians can perform a number of diagnostic services, including:

  • Accurate measurement of power gains after the installation of performance parts
  • Precision tuning & optimization of engine management computers to maximize performance
  • Capability to road test & diagnose vehicles without ever leaving the shop

Our technicians have extensive experience remapping ECUs on many performance vehicles, including:

  • Both cup & street Porsche vehicles
  • Lamborghini
  • Ferrari
  • BMW
  • Audi & VW
  • Mercedes Benz

Our knowledge & expertise paid off at the 2009 Bullrun Rally, where our in-house-tuned Audi R8 brought home the coveted Best Vehicle award. Awards of the past include:

  • Bullrun 2008 Best Vehicle – Audi RS4 / R8
European Car Tuner Shootout winner, 2001

Dyno Testing Videos


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